To meet customer’s needs, we develop or transfer our proprietary technologies in lasers, optics, mobile camera, wearables, IoTs, and image processing algorithms into new consumer products development

We have demonstrated track records of industry’s first and best commercial products development:

  • First, smallest, and most affordable camera module for iris recognition for mobile phone
  • Ultrashort pulse fiber seed laser products with the shortest pulse length and highest pulse energy
  • Patent-pending wearable device with proprietary algorithms of computer vision and machine learning
  • Proprietary algorithms of audio generation and machine learning (in progress)

international supply SOURCING

We provide assistance in sourcing and managing supply chain in North America and Asia for the areas of optics, electronics, software, and consumer markets.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Products available from qualified manufacturers with FDA and/or NIOSH certifications:

  • Hand Sanitizers (Alcohol-based 70%, 16.9oz)
  • KN95/N95 Masks
  • Dental Masks
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Coveralls